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Tashi Delek !
A mysterious Buddhist kingdom, a region beyond the Himalayas is famous for having the highest plateau in the world. This country has always been a great challenge for human beings because of its high altitude and arid environment. It is the region which has fascinated outsiders for a long; long time.
People call it "The lost Sangrila" or " The land of the snowy mountains" or The roof of the world.
To speak about the flora forest of spruce and fires are found along the lower altitude whereas vast plateaus of rich juniper trees and grasses are found along the higher altitudes.
In the central valley weeping willows are most common sights. It is also possible that one can come across species of wind flowers like oleander, pansy and some indigenous flowers like 'tsi-tog' meaning light pink.
You can find wind fauna too, i.e. Yak, horses, ass and Dharal (Blue Sheep), snow leopard, red deer, antelope mouse hares and marmots also the black necked crane are a common sight in most of the regions.
Here it is then, for my interested traveler the preserved region- Tibet, most original and authentic travel destination. We will make it an adventures as well as a fascinating experience.
If you have a yearning to explore this lost sangria-la then please join HIMALALAYAN ACTIVITIES
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