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Sightseeing in Nepal
Nepal City Cultural Sightseeing
Kathmandu Valley
It is situated at the altitude of 1336 m above sea level and covers an area of 218 sq . Miles . Kathmandu is one of the richest cultural heritage sites, the home of the ancient and sophisticated. Newari culture . The Newars are the indigenous in habitants of the valley and the creators of the splendid civilization of its three cities Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The skillfully built temples and palaces, delicately engraved stone and metal images, carved wooden columns and pillars, and the history laden shrines and Chaityas of these three historical cities stand testimony to the Newars artistic achievements.
Kathmandu Durbar Square
The historic seat of royal family. The square with its old temples and palaces, epitomizes the religions and cultured life of the people, it is here that kings of Nepal are crowned and their coronations solemnized. You can observe Taleju Temple built by king Mahendra Malla in 1549 ad, the temple of Kal Bhairav , the god of destruction, Natural Durbar, Coronation Nasal Chowk , the Gaddi Baithak, the statue of king Pratap Malla the big drum and the Jagannath Temple.
It was endorse in the UNESCO world heritage site in 1979. On the right hand corner, a large wooden lattice screen hides an enormous gilded face of Sweta Bhairav . The screen is removed only the Indra Jatra festival.You can observe numismatic museum and Tribhuvan museum inside hanuman Dhoka palace.
Swoyambhu Nath Stupa.
It is said to be 2000 years old Chaityas with glorious standing. Four sides of the spire's base are all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. ( 3 km west of Ktm ) . Situated 77m above Ktm valley .
It is also listed in world heritage site in 1979.
Pashupati Nath Temple
Situated 5km east from Ktm. This is the temple of Lord Shiva. The temple consist with the tiered golden roof and silver door is considered one of the holiest shrines for Hindus. Although only Hindu are allowed inside the temple.In eastern edge of Pasupati is holy bagmati river. It is also in world heritage site.
Boudhanath Stupa
It lies 8km east of Kathmandu. This ancient colossal Stupa is one of the biggest in the world, and the center Tibetan Buddhism in the world. It listed in the world heritage site.
8 km north of Kathmandu. Remarkable colossal statue of Lord Vishnu, at the base of Shivapuri hill, reclining on a bed of shakes . This is a remarkable masterpiece of stone sculptures of the Lichchhavi period. This fifth century statue is in the middle of a small pond and seems to float in water.
Patan City
Lying 5km southeast of Kathmandu is also known as the city of fine arts. The diversity of the medieval culture . Impressive Hindu temple and Buddhist monastery .
Patan Durbar Square:
Situated in the heart of the city. The square is full of ancient palaces, temples and shrines, noted for their exquisite carvings the durbar consists of three main court yards, the central Mulchowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshar Narayan Chowk . The Sundari Chowk holds in its center a master piece of stone architecture, the royal bath called Tushahity. It is also listed in UNESCOs heritage site 1879.
Krishna Mandir
The temple of Lord krishna was built in 1637 ad. It is supposed to be the first specimen of Shikhara style architecture in Nepal. The temple having 21 spires and made of stone .
The terra cotta design is one the fourteenth century Nepalese masterpieces . It is located little further east of Patan made of clay bricks with thousands of images of Lord Buddha are engraved.
Hiranya Barna Maha Vihar
Three storey golden pagoda of Lokeshor (Lord Buddha) was built in 12th century by kng vaskar verma . You can observe upper storey of the pagoda placed on pedestal are golden image of Lord buddha and large prayer wheel.
Temple of Machchendranath and Minnath
The pagoda of red Machindra Nath built in 1408 AD is situated in Tabahal . For six month, the deity is taken to its other shrine in Bungmati. The temple of Minath is situated in Tangal on the way to Tabahal .
The Zoo
Situated at Jawalakhal the zoo has many animals, birds and Reptiles in its collection represting mostly the Himalayan fauna . There is a beautiful pond built in the 17th century.
Patan Museum
It is inside the durbar square specializes in bronze statues and religions objects. It is considered one of the best museum in Asia.
Bhaktapur City (Bhadgaun)
Situated at an altitude of 1401 m. It covers an area of four square miles. The city of devotees still retains a medieval charm and visitors to this ancient town are treated to myriad. Wonders of cultural and artistic achievement . You can observe easily the past glory of Malla ruler Pottery and weaving are its traditional industries . It is also famous for wood carving and for Bhadgoun cap. It lies 14 km east of Ktm.
Bhaktapur Durbar Square
The main courtyard of the place of 55 windows will reach after crossing the golden gate. It is very famous for richly carved specimens of its kind in the entire world built in 1700AD. The gate is embellished with deities and monsters with marvelous intricacy. Among the brick walls in their gracious setting and sculptural design, is a balcony of 55 windows. This balcony is a master piece of wood carving. Batsala Devi :temple is also located in d.sq. is full of intricate carvings. Same like shikhara style architecture in Nepal. You can look bronze bell on the terrace of the temple . Which is called "bell of barking dogs" placed in 1737 AD. The use of this bell was for signal curfew at that time.The main square of the temple consist of innumerable temples and other architectural cultural show piece, like lion gate, the statue of Bhuptindara Malla acting worship, the picture gallery. The square was listed in world heritage monument list in 1979.
Nyatapola temple
The five storey pagoda was built in 1702 AD by king Bhupatindra Malla, standing on a five-terraced platform and one of the tallest pagoda is famous for its massive structure and subtle workmanship.
Bhairavnath temple
This was one story later changed into three storey in 1718 by king Bhupatindra is noted for its artistic grander and it is dedicated to Lord Bhairav the god of terror.
Dattatraa temple
Build in 1427 ad, this temple is said to have been built from the truck of a single trice near this temple is a monastery with exquisitely carved peacock windows.
Situated at the end of a long ridge which runs well into the valley, it is said to have been built by king Hari Dutta in 323 ad and said to be the oldest temple in the valley. It was listed in the UNESCO. World heritage list in 1979.
Surya Vinyak
Situated in a beautiful surrounding of a Bhad Gaon the temple of Ganesh (god of luck) is placed in a sylvan. Setting to catch the first rays of rising sun.
Namo Buddha
Situated on a hill above Panauti. There is an amazing legend related to the Buddha which is commemorated by an ancient stone slab and a sputa with the all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha.
Lumbini Tour
This is the birth place of Siddartha Gautam the Shakya prince and the ultimate Buddha, the enlightened one, is the pilgrimage destination of the world's millions of people, who have faith in Buddhism. This nativity site, identified by Indian emperors Asoka's. Commemorative pillar is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The holy garden spreading in the 8 sq km were reflecting treasures of the historic area. Here, we find a bas relief of Mayadevi, the Buddha's mother giving birth to him. The Ashokan oldest pillar monument standing west of Mayadevi shrine. The pillar was erected by Ashoka in 249 BC to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred site . The "Puskarni" sacred pond south of pillar, where queen Mayadevi had taken a bath just before giving birth to Buddha. You can reach there by bus or by plain. Please contact us for this tour.
Nagarkot (3400M)
It lies in an altitude of 3400 m above sea level. It is 10 Kms away from Bhakatapur. The over whelming panorama of the major Himalayas Mt. Everest, Manaslu, Ganesh HImal, Langtang, Choba Bhamre, Gauri Shankar and Numbur can be clearly seen from Nagarkot.
Kakani (1982 M)
It lies 27 Kms away from Kathmandu. This town is very famous for beautiful view of Kathmandu Valley and Magnificent view of north eastern Himalayas. It has beautiful Alpine Scenery and watch out for Gauri Shanker, Choba Bhamre Manaslu, HImchuli, Annapurna and several peaks. It is very famous for sunset views.
You can be there driving 30 Kms from Kathmandu on the way to Kodari highway. It is one of the ancient town famous for scenic beauty and traditional life style. You can observe here complete panoramic view of the snowy ranges from Karyolung in the east to the himalchuli to the west.
Daman (2400 M)
It is 80 Kms away from Kathmandu on the Tribhuwan highway. It offers the view of the breathtaking grandeur of the world's highest peak from far west of Dhaulagari to the east of Mr. Everest.
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