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DarjeelingIt is very famous for hill station of India, Darjeeling has had a checkered and curious history of its own. The establishment of this town was in 1830 AD.
Currently it can be visited throughout the year, however, the best season to visit is between April and June and between October and December of course, a different experience to be in Darjeeling in winters.  There seem to be lots of foreign tourists celebrating Christmas and New year in Darjeeling.
It would be majestic to be in Darjeeling observing its beauty and snow capped Mt. Kanchanjunga. From every corner of town you can view Himalayan panorama.
We have exclusive package to hill station of Darjeeling. Please write/ask us about in details.
SikkimThe capital of Sikkim is at a height of (1574 M) above sea level. It became new modern town in habited at along a ridge by the side of the Rampoo river. It offers spectacular view of days valley, river lets and the majestic Kanchanjunga.
All interested foreigners intend to visit sikkim must apply for an inner line permit before 6 weeks.
To explore sikkim you must go to the villages and country-side and one way of doing this is by trekking. Trekking opened in sikkim since 1978 only.
Please remember that we have different type of programs package to Sikkim. Please ask us about it in detail.
LadakhLaddakh is said to a "Mini Tibet" which is rich in both the culture and nature. It has many attractive monasteries and a lifestyle calls more Tibetan than in Tibet given it has remained untouched.
We have full package for Ladakh for your entire trip one can do vice versa trekking form Ladakh to Manali and Manali Ladakh is one of the interesting trekking trips by crossing the Himalayas form North to South the route traverses four high passes.
The trip is rather strenuous and that will give you memories for a lifetime. The best time is from January to August to explore Laddakh. Please email us for other cost and details.
Bhutan Tour
People said it "The lost Shangri-La on Earth" and "The Land of Thunder Dragon"

Bhutan TourThe kingdom is an exotic land of high mountains and lust valleys, snow clad peaks and clear running springs a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wild life. Hidden in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet. This sparsely populated country of six hundred thousand people is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist state. Bhutan remained separated from the modern world for many centuries but now it has open its door for visitors. So HIMACT makes your dream come true through its exciting programs specially made for you to one of the most fascinating and mysterious land on earth. We have different types of tour. i.e, special cultural and historical tours, excursion for wild life enthusiasts and bird watchers, trekking and expedition for individual as well as for groups.

Please write us for our exclusive package to "The Last Sangrilla of Earth". We will give you necessary information and enquiry.

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